Managing stress should be given importance rather

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Unformatted text preview: n helps in creating transparency in organizations and reduces confusion, thereby decreasing stress level at work. f. Establishment of corporate wellness programs is an important component in managing stress among organizational members by rejuvenating and refreshing them from time to time leading to increased productivity with renewed energy. Self assessment questions 4 1. ______________physical exercise has long been recommended as a way to deal with excessive stress levels 2. Individuals can teach themselves to reduce tension through _____________ techniques, such as, meditation. Sikkim Manipal University 183 Stress Management Unit 13 3. Improved personnel selection and job placement leading to right ______________ thereby reducing chances of non­performance and stress level. 13.6 A Suggested Framework For Stress Management As there is a positive side to stress and provides, drive, excitement and motivation for individuals to push themselves to achieve more in their lives in the fulfillment of their set goals, there is no requirement to eliminate stress form one’s life. Managing stress should be given importance rather than elimination. The goal should be to f ind the optimal level of stress that can be handled effectively by an individual which will motivate the person and not overwhelm and distress an individual. How can one find out what is optimal stress for an individual? There is no single level of stress that is optimal for all people. W e are all motivated or distressed by diff erent levels of stimulations in a given situation. Age, mental strength, upbringing and cultural factors can be important elements that my influence our abilities to handle stress. How much resilience a person can exhibit while handling stressful situations would vary across individuals as they are likely to differ in their physiological responses to it. Researches have shown the following regarding our capabilities to handle stress: 1. The person who enjoys arbitrating disputes and moves from job site to job site would be stressed i...
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