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Unformatted text preview: ddenness of an even to be dealt with and types of stressors to be handled by an individual. It may manifest itself either physically, emotionally and / mentally, as certain symptoms. Stress may be classified into two types: positive stress (Eustress) and negative stress (Distress). Moderate and manageable levels of stress f or a reasonable period of time can be handled by the body through mobilization of resources and is accompanied by positive emotions, such as, enjoyment, satisfaction, excitement and so on. This beneficial element in stress has been defined by Selye as Eustress (EU­ meaning – good). However, an overload of stress resulting from a situation of either over arousal or under arousal for long periods of time causes the Sikkim Manipal University 188 Stress Management Unit 13 following: first an unpleasant feeling, followed by physical damage, fatigue and in extreme cases, even death of an individual. This has been termed by Selye as distress (dys­ meaning – bad). W hile environmental factors are forces outside the organization, which may act as potential sources of stress due to uncertainties and threats that they create f or any organization and its members, factors within organization can also act as potential source of stres...
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