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Unformatted text preview: . Locus of control: Those with an internal locus of control believe they control their own destiny. Internals perceive their jobs to be less stressful than do externals. Internals are likely to believe that they can have a significant effect on the results. Those with an external locus believe their lives are controlled by outside forces. Externals are more likely to be passive and feel helpless. d. Self­efficacy: The confidence in one’s own abilities appears to decrease stress. e. Hostility: People who are quick to anger, maintain a persistently hostile outlook, and project a cynical mistrust of others are more likely to experience stress in situations. Self Assessment Questions 2 1. ______________is created when role expectations are not clearly understood. 2. Those with an ____________ locus of control believe they control their own destiny. 3. ______________ The confidence in one’s own abilities appears to decrease stress. 13.4 Consequences Of Stress Stress shows itself in three ways—physiological, psychological, and behavioral symptoms. 1. Physiological symptoms: · Most of the early concern with stress was directed at physiological symptoms due to the fact that spets in the health and medical sciences researched the topic. · Physiological symptoms have the least direct relevance to students of OB. Sikkim Manipal University 181 Stress Management Unit 13 2. Psychological symptoms: · Job­related stress can cause job­related dissatisfaction. · Job dissatisfaction is “the simplest and most obvious psychological effect” of stress (Robbins, 2003). · Multiple and conflicting demands—lack of clarity as to the incumbent’s duties, authority, and responsibilities—increase stress and dissatisfaction. · The less control people have over the pace of their work, the greater the stress and dissatisfaction. 3. Behavioral symptoms: · Behaviorally related stress symptoms include changes in productivity, absence, and turnover, as well as changes in eating habits, increased smoking or consumption o...
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