Together or singly they may create a tense

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Unformatted text preview: tential sources of stress due to uncertainties and threats that they create for any organization and its members, factors within organization can also act as potential source of stress. Together or singly they may create a tense and volatile working environment which can cause stress for organizational members because the inability of individuals to handle the pressures arising out of these sources. The following may be seen to be the potential sources of stress: 1. Environmental factors: · Environmental uncertainty influences stress levels among employees in an organization. · Changes in the business cycle create economic uncertainties. Sikkim Manipal University 178 Stress Management Unit 13 · Political uncertainties can be stress inducing. · Technological uncertainty can cause stress because new innovations can make an employee’s skills and experience obsolete in a very short period of time. 2. Organizational factors: · Pressures to avoid errors or complete tasks in a limited time period, work overload, a demanding and insensitive boss, and unpleasant coworkers are a few examples. · Task demands are factors related to a person’s job. They include the design of the individual’s job (autonomy, task variety, degree of automation), working conditions, and the physical work layout. · Role demands relate to pressures that are a function of the role an individual plays in an organization. a. Role conflicts create expectations that may be hard to reconcile or satisfy. b. Role overload is experienced when the employee is expected to do more than time permits. c. Role ambiguity is created when role expectations are not clearly understood. · Interpersonal demands are pressures created by other employees. · Organizational structure defines the level of differentiation in the organization, the degree of rules and regulations, and where decisions are made. Excessive rules and lack of participation in decisions might be potential sources of stress. Organizational leadership represents...
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