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Unformatted text preview: f alcohol, rapid speech, fidgeting, and sleep disorders. Self Assessment Questions 3 1. Stress shows itself in _________ ways 2. ____________________ is “the simplest and most obvious psychological effect” of stress. 13.5 Managing Stress High or low levels of stress sustained over long periods of time, can lead to reduced employee performance and, thus, require action by management. 1. Individual approaches: · Eff ective individual strategies include implementing time management techniques, increasing physical exercise, relaxation training, and expanding the social support network. · Practicing time management principles also leaves as an important element in managing stress, such as: a. making daily lists of activities to be accomplished. Sikkim Manipal University 182 Stress Management Unit 13 b. prioritizing activities by importance and urgency. c. scheduling activities according to the priorities set. d. knowing your daily cycle and handling the most demanding parts of your job during the high part of your cycle when you are most alert and productive. · Non­competitive physical exercise has long been recommended as a way to deal with excessive stress levels. · Individuals can teach themselves to reduce tension through relaxation techniques, such as, meditation, hypnosis, and biofeedback. · Having friends, family, or work colleagues to talk to provides an outlet for excessive stress. 2. Organizational approaches · Strategies that management might want to consider include: a. Improved personnel selection and job placement leading to right person­job­fit thereby reducing chances of non­performance and stress level. b. Use of realistic goal setting, redesigning of jobs can help in aligning the individuals and job effectively and reduce stress. c. Training in stress management techniques can be helpful. d. Increased employee involvement improves motivation, morale, commitment, and leads to better role integration and reduction in stress. e. Improved organizational communicatio...
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