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Unformatted text preview: awareness of their roles and expectations within the organization. 8. Increased ability, confidence and morale within the organization. 9. Enhanced risk management insofar that obvious risks will be identified, mitigated (where possible) and through crisis and business continuity management ­ as prepared for. 10. Protected and often enhanced reputation a much reduced risk of post event litigation. Sikkim Manipal University 187 Stress Management Unit 13 An example of crisis management: Bhopal: The Bhopal disaster in which poor communication before, during, and after the crisis cost thousands of lives, is an apt example of the role of cross­cultural communication in crisis management plans. According to American University’s Trade Environmental Database Case Studies (1997), local residents were not sure how to react to warnings of potential threats from the Union Carbide plant. Operating manuals printed only in English is an extreme example of mismanagement but indicative of systemic barriers to information diffusion. According to Union Carbide’s own depiction of the incident (2006), a day after the crisis Union Carbide’s upper management arrived in India but was unable to assist in the relief efforts because they were placed under house arrest by the Indian government. Symbolic intervention can be counter productive; a crisis management strategy can help top management in taking more calculated decisions in how they should respond to disaster scenarios. The Bhopal incident illustrates the diff iculty in consistently applying management standards to multi­national operations and the blame shifting that often results from the lack of a clear management plan. Self Assessment Questions 6 1. _________ elements are common to most definitions of crisis. 2. There are __________ types of organizational crises 13.8 Summary Stress has been defined as a physical, mental or emotional response to events which cause mental or bodily tension. In the modern day life stress is a part and parcel of our lives. Stress can manifest itself in a number of ways depending upon the su...
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