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Attitudes are evaluative statements that are either

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Unformatted text preview: ues build the foundation for the understanding of attitudes and motivation of an individual, since, value has a great impact on perceptions. Values shape relationships, behaviors, and choices. The more positive our values, more positive are people’s actions. A significant portion of the values an individual holds is established in the early years from parents, teachers, friends, and others. Rokeach, in his Value Survey (Rokeach Value Survey­ RVS), proposed two sets of values. They are :Terminal values and Instrumental values. Each set contains 18 individual value items. Terminal values refer to desirable end­states of existence, the goals that a person would like to achieve during his/her lifetime. Instrumental values refer to preferable modes of behavior, or means of achieving the terminal values. Hofstede proposed four dimensions of national culture: Power distance (this dimension measures the 'social equality'), Uncertainty avoidance (this is a representation of a society's tolerance for uncertain situations), Individualism vs. collectivism (individualism gauges to what extent individuals in a country consider themselves as distinct entities rather than as members of cohesive groups and collectivism emphasizes on 'social ties or bonds' between individuals) and Masculinity vs. femininity (this dimension refers to what extent dominant values in a society emphasizes masculine social values Sikkim Manipal University 66 Value, Ethics And Job Satisf action Unit 5 like a work ethic expressed in terms of money, achievement and recognition as opposed to feminine social role which show more concern for people and quality of life). Attitudes are evaluative statements that are either favorable or unfavorable concerning objects, people, or events. Attitudes are not the same as values, but the two are interrelated. There are three compone...
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