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Accommodation involves playing down differences among

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Unformatted text preview: r is __________ . 3. Personal variables include individual value systems and _________________ characteristics. Sikkim Manipal University 169 Conflict Management Unit 12 12.4 Conflict Management Approaches There are two types of conflict management approaches: · Direct · Indirect Direct conflict management approaches There are five approaches to direct conflict management. They are based on the relative emphasis on cooperativeness and assertiveness in the relationship between the conflicting parties. They are as follows: Avoidance – it is an extreme form of inattention; everyone simply pretends that the conflict does not really exist and hopes that it will go away. Accommodation involves playing down differences among the conflicting parties and highlighting similarities and areas of agreement. This peaceful coexistence ignores the real essence of a given conflict and often creates frustration and resentment. Compromise ­ it occurs when each party gives up something of value to the other. As a result of no one getting its full desires, the antecedent conditions for future conflicts are established. Competition – here a victory is achieved through f orce, superior skill, or domination by one party. It may also occur as a result of authoritative command, whereby a formal authority simply dictates a solution and specifies what is gained and what is lost by whom. This is a case of win­ lose situation and as a result, future conflicts over the same issues are likely to occur. Collaboration – it involves a recognition by all conflicting parties that something is wrong and needs attention. It stresses gathering and evaluating information in solving disputes and making choices. Indirect conflict management approaches Sikkim Manipal University 170 Conflict Management Unit 12 Indirect conflict management approaches include reduced interdependence, appeals to common goals, hierarchical referral, and alterations in the use of mythology and scripts (Schermerhorn et al 2002). Reduced Interdependence W hen work­f...
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