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Unformatted text preview: or when they join groups whose members have heterogeneous backgrounds. Status and culture: · Cultural differences affect status. For example, the French are highly status conscious. · Countries differ on the criteria that create status: o Status for Latin Americans and Asians tends to be derived from family position and formal roles held in organizations. o In the United States and Australia, it tends to be bestowed more on accomplishments. · It is necessary to understand who and what holds status when interacting with people from a diff erent culture other than our own. Self­ assessment questions 7 1. The _________ group is characterized as one where the person is aware of the others 2. Status is a _________ defined position or rank given to groups or group members by others. Sikkim Manipal University 141 Group Behavior Unit 10 3. W hen status inequity is perceived, it creates ______________ that results in corrective behavior. 10.9 Techniques Of Decision Making In Groups Schein (1988) observes that groups may make decisions through any of the following six methods: Decision in lack of response­ In this type of decision making, ideas are forwarded without any discussion taking place. W hen the group finally accepts an idea, all others have been bypassed and discarded by simple lack of response rather than by critical evaluation. Decision by authority rule­ The leader makes a decision for the group, with or without discussion. Decision by minority rule­ Two or three people are able to dominate the group into making a decision to which they agree. Decision by majority rule ­ Here, viewpoint of the majority is considered as the group’s decision. Decision by consensus ­ One alternative is accepted by most members and the other members agreeing to support it. Decision by unanimity­ All group members agree totally on the course of action to be taken. This is a “logically perfect” group decision method that is extremely diff icult to attain in actual practice. Self­ assessment questions 8 1. Schein observes that groups may make decisions through _________ methods. 2. In Decision by_________, two or three people are able to dominate the group into making a decision to which they agree. Group productivity: the advantages and disadvantages of group decision making The potential advantages of group decision making include (Maier, 1967): 1. Information—more knowledge and expertise is applied to solve the problem. Sikkim Manipal University 142 Group Behavior Unit 10 2. Alternatives—a greater number of alternatives are examined, avoiding tunnel vision. 3. Understanding and acceptance—the final decision is better understood and accepted by all group members. 4. Commitment—there is more commitment among all group members to make the final decision work. The potential disadvantages of group decision making include: 1 Social pressure to conform—individuals may feel compelled to go along with the apparent wishes of the group. 2. Minority...
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