Organizational change is deliberate systematic and

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Unformatted text preview: rategies. 3. Short time frames argue for a _____________strategy. 14.9 Summary Organizational change may be defined as the adoption of a new idea or a behavior by an organization. It is a way of altering an existing organization to increase organizational effectiveness for achieving its objectives. Forces for change are of two types: Internal forces and external forces. Internal forces are: change in the top management, change in size of the organization, performance gaps and employee needs and values. External forces are technology, business scenario, and environmental factors. Resistance to change may be of two types: Individual resistance and Organizational resistance. Change leads to insecurity among the employees because of its unknown consequences. Employees do not know for certain whether the change will bring in better prospects. This results into individual resistance. Change may bring some potential threat to the organizational power to some people. This leads to organizational resistance. The responses to change depend upon the employees’ perception about the change. Diff erent individuals differ in their attitudes and hence, the perceptions towards change. Three major reactions to change are: Anger, Denial and Acceptance. Some approaches can be taken to reduce the resistance to change, such as, Education and communication, Employee participation and involvement, Facilitation and support, and Negotiation and agreement. Organizational change is deliberate, systematic and well thought of. Velocity of change depends on the degree or level of significance and the status quo in the Sikkim Manipal...
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