8 one can change the access permissions on a file

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Unformatted text preview: which counts the number of lines it receives as input and instead of displaying this count , the value is stored in file1.] 7. What is a pipe and give an example? [A pipe is two or more commands separated by pipe char '|'. That tells the shell to arrange for the output of the preceding command to be passed as input to the following command. Example : ls - l | pr The output for a command ls is the standard input of pr. When a sequence of commands are combined using pipe, then it is called pipeline.] 8. One can change the access permissions on a file called ‘temp.txt’ to readable, writeable and executable only by the file owner. [chmod 700 temp.txt] 9. Construct the pipe to execute the following job. “Output of ls should be displayed on the screen and...
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