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12 in unit testing of a class you should call private

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Unformatted text preview: to a method. 10. Great software is both correct and efficient. 11. It is important to write tests to check that when a method’s preconditions are not met when it is called, its postconditions will still be met when the method returns. 12. In unit testing of a class, you should call private ‘helper’ methods of the class directly. 13. In the JUnit framework, if a test method returns, that test is counted as having passed. 14. In the JUnit framework, if a NullPointerException is thrown from a test method, that is considered to be an error. 15. Stdout should be used for unusual output from your program, such as error reporting. 16. When the standard deviation of an algorithm measurement is high, that typically indicates that the measurement is reliab...
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