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A prog file devnull b prog devnull 2 file c

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Unformatted text preview: long form including the directory entries whose names begin with a dot (.). 2. List three common Unix shells. 3. Write a command to make the file “Q3.txt” in the current directory read- only. 4. Write a command to change all the .htm files to .txt files in the current directory. 5. Absolute path in Unix paths start at: a. users b. bin c. home d. root 6. Relative to the working directory, dot dot (..) refers to: a. current working directory b. home c. root d. a level above 7. List the names of the three files that a shell automatically opens when it starts up. 8. Write a command that redirects the contents of standard input to an output file called ‘temp.txt’. 9. Write a filtering command using Unix pipes to search for occurrences of the word ‘time...
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