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Unformatted text preview: ome directory) –  HOST (the name of the computer you are using) –  DISPLAY (the name of the computer screen to display X windows) –  PATH (the directories the shell should search to find a command) •  printenv (env and set might also work) Login Scripts •  You don’t want to enter aliases, set environment variables, set up command line ediTng, etc. each Tme you log in •  All of these things can be done in a script that is run each Tme the shell is started •  .profile and .bashrc (for bash) •  A good Bash tutorial: hAp://www.tutorialspoint.com/unix/unix- environment.htm Example .profile (parTal) # set ENV to a file invoked each time sh is started for interactive use. ENV=$HOME/.bashrc; export ENV HOSTNAME=`hostname`; export HOSTNAME PS1="$USER@$HOSTNAME>" alias alias alias alias alias 'll'='ls -l' 'la'='ls -la' 'ls'='ls...
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