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G cin in c writng eg cout in c or reportng

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Unformatted text preview: cd start at working directory .. refers to level above; . refers to working dir. If /users/adfa/CSE15L is working dir, all these refer to the same file ../foo.txt ~/foo.txt ~adfa/foo.txt stdin, stdout, and stderr •  Each shell (and in fact all programs) automaTcally open three “files” when they start up –  Standard input (stdin): Usually from the keyboard –  Standard output (stdout): Usually to the terminal –  Standard error (stderr): Usually to the terminal •  Programs use these three files when reading (e.g. cin in C++), wriTng (e.g. cout in C++), or reporTng errors/diagnosTcs Common Unix Commands •  ls - - run with –a op#on to list hidden files (.*) •  mkdir •  cd (“.” is the current directory, ...
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