8 what energy condition must be true in order for a

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Unformatted text preview: tructure to illustrate your answers. 6. Which amino acid is not chiral? Show its structure to illustrate your point. 7. What experiment shows that the structure of proteins determines their function? Does this experiment prove the case for every protein? Why not? Why do we still feel this is true for every protein? 8. What energy condition must be true in order for a chemical reaction to proceed? In what way does an enzyme effect this? What aspects of the energy of reactions do enzymes change? 9. Given that the enzymatic conversion of glucose and inorganic phosphate to glucose ­6 phosphate has ∆G˚’ of 3.3 kcal/mol and the hydrolysis of ATP has ∆G˚’ of  ­7.3 kcal/mol, then why and how is ATP used to carry out the former reaction, and what is the overall energetics of the reaction? 10. Explain the meaning of the terms KM, Vmax, and turnover number. How are these determined experimentally, and what is the importance in knowing them? 11. What is the meaning of competitive inhibition and non ­competitive inhibition. How is each determined? What are some practical examples of competitive and non ­ competitive inhibitors? 12. ATP falls in the middle of the list of compounds having high phosphate group transfer potentials. Explain why this is advantageous for energy ­coupling during metabolism. 13. Nucleoside phosphates can be interconverted enzymatically. Which of the following reactions are probably incorrect and why? a. ATP + GDP = ADP + GTP b. AMP + GTP = ATP + GDP c. ATP + AMP = 2ADP d. ATP + UMP = ADP + UDP e. ADP + AMP = ATP + adenosine 14. ATP and NADH release large amounts of free energy upon the transfer of the phosphate group to H2O and to O2, respectively. However, both molecu...
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