Lecture notes 10

Inammatory drugs prostaglandins are molecules that

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Unformatted text preview: sterol Metabolism – Regula?on by HMG CoA Reductase VLDL LDL LDL LDL LDL LDL LDL LDL Acetyl-CoA Cholesterol LDL HMG-CoA Mevalonic Acid Statins An? ­inflammatory Drugs •  Prostaglandins are molecules that are made from faOy acids •  Key enzyme in synthesis of prostaglandins is COX, which catalyzes the cycliza?on and oxida?on of faOy acid precursor, arachidonic acid •  Ancient remedy, willow bark contained molecule similar to aspirin, discovered to inhibit COX http://www.arthritis.co.za/nsaids2.htm An? ­inflammatory Drugs http://www.arthritis.co.za/nsaids2.htm •  BUT, aspirin and...
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