Lecture notes 9

2 nitric oxide synthase nos both underproduc8on and

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Unformatted text preview:   epithelial NOS, eNOS in the linings of the blood plasma membranes, helps regulate blood pressure •  chromosome 7 as posi8on 7q35 ­36 –  inducible NOS, iNOS in the inflammatory response, powerfully destruc8ve •  chromosome 17 at posi8on 17cen ­q11.2 Nitric Oxide Synthase, NOS •  Both underproduc8on and overproduc8on of NO have been linked to various human pathologies. –  Impaired NO bioavailability from eNOS and nNOS can lead to hypertension, impotence, or atherosclerosis –  excess NO produc8on by iNOS can cause inflamma8on, rheumatoid arthri8s, inflammatory bowel disease, immune ­type diabetes, stroke, cancer, and death from shock (1/10 intensive care room deaths...
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