Lecture notes 9

5 mobile nadph but how nos two dis8nct domains

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Unformatted text preview: (always in the cell) and calcium modulated, through calmodulin. –  iNOS, is induced upon trauma, and does not need an influx of calcium for ac8va8on. Massive amounts of NO are produced leading to catastrophic cell death (sep8c and toxic shock). Reac8on Catalyzed by NOS •  2O2 are reduced to 2H2O (8 electrons gained) •  1 N on side group of arginine is oxidized to the radical gas NO (5 electrons lost) plus citrulline •  3 addi8onal electrons provided from 1.5 mobile NADPH but how? NOS  ­ two dis8nct domains •  N ­terminal Arg oxidase is similar in...
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