Lecture notes 12

Cholesterol part 2 three steps from the isopentenyl

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Unformatted text preview: iosynthesis of Cholesterol Four steps from HMG ­ CoA to the isopenentenyl pyrophosphate – step 1 is most highly regulated Figure 20-37 Biosynthesis of Cholesterol Part 2 Three steps from the isopentenyl pyrophosphate – to squalene Check out all the isoprene units in squalene! Figure 20-38 Squalene is set up for CyclizaAon in the next Step Figure 20-39 Here’s the Magical CyclizaAon Step Figure 20-39 Shedding some –CH3 and oxidizing those carbons and reducing others converts lanosterol to cholesterol Page 724 Cholesterol can direct protein synthesis by inducing transloca1on of ac1vator precursors from the ER to the Golgi Figure 20-41 Figure 20-43 Cholesterol lowering drugs such as these prevent heart disease by inhibi1ng HMG ­CoA reductase Figure 20-42 Diseases of Cholesterol Transport Figure 20-44...
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