Lecture notes 6

Lecture notes 6

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Unformatted text preview: electrically [email protected] leaflet) Glaser Biophysics p80 Barriers to the world outside • Prokaryotes lack inner organelles, but have much more complicated outer walls, with capsules, cell walls that can be several layers thick and a cytoplasmic membrane (1 micron) •  [email protected] cells can be larger (10 microns ­0.1 m) and the lipid bilayer is the plasma membrane that separates inside from outside. Inside are organelles many of which such as the nucleus, also have their own lipid bilayers Plant cells have chloroplasts and an outer wall • Mitochondrion organelles within the [email protected] cells have a double wall. These inner and outer membranes, [email protected] remnant of their former [email protected] origin (electron micrograph at right) hKp://www.molecularexpressions.com/cells FaKy acids self assemble into bilayers and micelles •  Polar head group (acid compo...
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