Trap of underdevelopment chinas aid to africa

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Unformatted text preview: neficiary of Chinese aid in • China in Africa - Fact or Fiction Stabilizing World Population Dispersal is not a solution Increase the death rate? Reduce the birth rate! Culture and Fertility High fertility rates may be traditional High infant mortality rates Children can work Males more valued Religious values Changing traditions takes time There is also a relationship between gender equity, empowerment of women and a country’s fertility rate. Empower Women Low status of women is single most important factor influencing fertility rate Average age at marriage impacts fertility rate Sri Lanka: 25; TFR = 2.0 Bangladesh: 17; TFR = 3.0 More education = less children Family Planning Services Prenatal care, proper birth spacing Healthier women healthier babies fewer infant deaths lower TFR Provide information and contraceptives Local social and cultural beliefs Government Policies & Fertility Laws determining minimum marriage age Budget for family planning, education, health care, oldage security Economic rewards and penalties Population Growth in Brazil • Decline in Fertility Rate in Brazil...
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