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psych quiz 2

psych quiz 2 - 1 Benjamin describes a new melody that he...

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1. Benjamin describes a new melody that he heard at a concert by telling you about the complex patterns in the music, such as the sound of rain falling on dry autumn leaves. In providing this type of explanation, Benjamin is relying most on the process of: a. sensation b. transduction c. accommodation d. perception 2. Which of the following statements is false? a. Cones are responsible for color vision b. Cones are more sensitive to low levels of light than rods. c. Cones are concentrated in the center of the retina (fovea). d. Cones are named for their shape. 3. Based on the relationship between perception and the physical properties of light, you should infer that, if the human nervous system was not wired to respond to differences in the wavelengths of reflected light, people would not be able to: a. detect differences in brightness b. respond accurately to movement c. detect differences in colors d. have full peripheral vision
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