N331 - Pediatric Nursing - Lecture 1 Fluid & Medication

5ml howwillyouadministerthis medicine

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Unformatted text preview: Push: CAUTION! Rarely used in pediatrics. Codes, during seizures, patients who are closely monitored (ICUs…) IV IV PUSH IV PIGGYBACK IV Practice Exercise: Practice Exercise: IV Piggyback Clindamycin 95 mg IV q6h arrives to the unit in a 50 ml premixed D5W bag Check: – Safe dose? – Max final concentration? – Time needed to administer? IV Piggyback Practice IV Piggyback Practice What is the concentration of drug in the bag? (95mg÷50cc = 1.9mg/cc) What is the allowable final max concentration? (18mg/cc) Is it dilute enough? (yes) How fast should it go in? (10­60 min, not to exceed 30mg/min) What rate should be set on the pump? (med plus flush over 30 min) Practice Exercise: Practice Exercise: IV Clindamycin 75 mg IV q6h arrives to the unit in a syringe labeled as: Clindamycin 150mg/ml Dose: 75mg in 0.5 ml How will you administer this medicine? Make a bag yourself, or Make a bag yourself, or dilute med in Volutrol… 75 mg of clindamycin needs to be diluted so that it does NOT exceed 18mg/cc. 75 ÷ 18 = 4.1 cc This medicine must be diluted in at least 4.1cc… DO NOT infuse undiluted medicine into the child’s IV line. Determining the IV Rate Determining the IV Rate Piggyback bag: Add the volume of the bag plus a 20cc flush to equal final “volume to be infused.” Decide on the time needed based on info from dosage handbook. 50ml bag + 20ml flush = 70ml to run over 30 min = IV rate of 140ml/hr (vol ÷ minutes x 60) Volutrol Volutrol Add volume needed to dilute the med plus 20cc flush to determine “volume to be infused.” Determine the rate based on that amount. Run med through first. Then run flush. IV Antegrade IV Antegrade Inject medication into the line and allow the pump to administer the med over time. Do not inject more than 2ml at 1st port and 8ml at 2nd port. Do not exceed maximum final concentration. IV antegrade practice IV antegrade practice Ampicillin 450 mg IV q6 Add 1.8cc diluent to a 500mg vial of powder to create solution that is 250mg/ml. Final c...
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