N331 - Pediatric Nursing - Lecture 1 Fluid & Medication


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Unformatted text preview: ion error Wrong diluent Incorrect dilution amount Administration of drug that is too concentrated Injection of medication at a rate that is too fast or too slow Use of wrong port or IV line Patient drug allergy The problem with vanco…. Hoefel, H. (2008). Vancomycin administration: mistakes made by nursing staff. Nursing Standard, 22 (39), 35­42. Mixed PO medications Mixed PO medications Mixed Medications…hmmm – acetaminophen with codeine – Each 5 ml contains 120mg acetaminophen 12 mg codeine Mixed IV medications Mixed IV medications Unasyn: – A combined antemicrobial agent (ampicillin and sulbactam) – Special reconstitution per. pharmacy – Final concentration for dosage calculation is based on Ampicillin component. Complex drug vials 2­year­old who weighs 25 pounds needs Unasyn 450 mg IV q6h. Pounds to kilos 2. Safe dose range 3. Use ampicillin component 4. Reconstitute powder into liquid 5. Draw up correct amount 6. Dilute so that it does not exceed final max concentration of 30mg ampicillin/ml 7. Calculate IV rate to run over 15­30 min 1. Routes: Oral Routes: Oral Oral meds: – Draw up in ORAL syringe with NO needle – Place syringe along side of infant’s tongue and give slowly allowing baby to swallow. Practice Exercise Practice Exercise Oral 1. 2. 3. 4. Look up Amoxicillin in dosage handbook. What is the safe dose range for a 4.5kg 2­ month­old child? In what form (suspension, tablet, chewtab) is the oral drug available? Describe how you will draw up and administer the medicine. Pediatric Problems with Pediatric Problems with Oral Meds Child refuses Child spits it out Child vomits med Pill that can’t be scored Oral med that tastes terrible Routes: IM Routes: IM IM: – Newborn to toddler: use the vastus lateralis – Older: use the deltoid – No need to aspirate No Need to Aspirate No Need to Aspirate CDC General Recommendations on Immunization. www.immunize.org (February 2009) Use a needle long enough to reach deep into the muscle. Insert needle at a 90°...
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