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N331 - Lecture 2 Growth & Development

Nutritionfor nutritionfor toddlers

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Unformatted text preview: ars –Unintentional injuries Car Car Safety INFANTS Up to 1 year and up to 20 pounds: bucket seat facing backward in back seat CHILDREN Over 1 year, over 20 lbs. Restrain in an upright, forward facing position in a car safety seat until 60 pounds and/or 6 yrs. Back To Sleep Campaign Nutrition Nutrition Newborns – gain 4­7 ounces/wk – regain BW by 2 wks – Feed about every 2 hrs 1mo: feed about q4 (4­6 oz) 2mo: feed about q6 (6 oz) Caloric needs of infant 108 cal/kg/day No honey until 1 year of age Breast milk or iron­fortified formula for first 12 months. Nutrition for Nutrition for Toddlers May begin cow’s milk at 12 months Limit milk to <32 ounces/day to avoid iron deficiency anemia Can be picky, ritualistic eaters Able to feed self completely by 3 years Screening tests: Health Screening tests: Health Maintenance Newborn metabolic screens BP (3 years) Urinalysis not routine TB (12­15 months, 4­6 yrs, teen) Anemia (12­24 months) Vision age 3­4 and Q year Hearing (newborn and 5 years) Lead (high­risk 6 months, low­risk 12­15 months) Development: AT EVERY VISIT Anticipatory Guidance: Anticipatory Guidance: Healthcare AAP recommended visits: Newborn 3­5 days 1 month 2 month 4 month… (see Health promotion table posted under “sim” tab on blackboard) Immunizations (Why?) Immunizations (Why?) Lower rates of compliance – Economics, access, working parents, education about importance, religious beliefs, internet Update child’s status at every opportunity OK to give with minor illness Use schedule and check routes Need consent Giving IM Injections Giving IM Injections to...
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