N331 - Lecture 2 Growth & Development

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Unformatted text preview: Kids… Vastus lateralis/anterolateral thigh 0­3years Deltoid for toddlers and older Separate injections by at least 1” Infants (1” needle) Toddler (1 ¼”) Older child (1 ½” ) Combination Vaccines Combination Vaccines DTaP (diphtheria­tetanus­pertussis) Trivalent IPV (3 strains of inactivated polio vaccine) MMR (measles­mumps­rubella) DTaP­Hib Hib­HepB What will you give sim baby Abby at her 6 month visit? Notes on immunizations: Notes on immunizations: Parents may “opt out” Must get consent each time Common illness not a contraindication After shots expect: irritability, fever, red, sore at site. May give tylenol My baby weighs 24 lbs…how much tylenol? NCLEX practice NCLEX practice A parent asks when the “soft spot” on her baby’s head will close. The nurse responds that furt...
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