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1 Looking ahead… Week of 3/24 Lab #7 Week of 3/31 Lab #8 Week of 4/7 Lab #9 Week of 4/14 Game Show in Labs – If there is room, you’re more than welcome to sit-in on other labs for review! Quiz #4 4/16 Looking ahead… Week of 4/21 Lab #10 4/23 Last class (end of material) 4/28 ONLY Final rounds for Game Show contestants & Review 5/5 at Noon: Final Exam (location TBD) Introduction to Analysis of Variance “Certainty is the mother of quiet and repose, and uncertainty the cause of variance and contentions” -Edward Coke Where we’ve been… Describing & graphically depicting data Predicting relationships among variables: – correlation, regression Testing hypotheses about means: – 1 Sample Z-test (is the sample mean = to the population mean?) – Binomial (are our observed frequencies = expected?) – Chi-Sq (are our observed frequencies = expected? is there an association between two categorical variables?) – t-tests (are two means = ?) One sample Dependent groups/Paired samples (w/n subjects) Independent groups (b/n subjects)
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