Lecture Notes 10

A complex cross of lawyer poet naturalist and

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Unformatted text preview:  forms.” "I hope you have not murdered too completely your own and my child.” Came to differ with   Darwin in the :/B3   >/@B71C:/@:G=D3@B63 93G?C3AB7=<=46C;/< origins 18 A/@/G    I  I  I  I  %@=43AA=@=4=B/<G /@D/@2*<7D3@A7BG Darwin’A:3/27<5 AC>>=@B3@7<B63*( 3D=B32:G@3:757=CA E=@932B=@31=<17:3 /@E7<7A;/<26@7AB7/<7BG Had an extended debate E7B6/@E7</0=CB</BC@/: A3:31B7=</<223A75< 19 A/@/G    I  I  I  I  “Paley, in his celebrated analogy with the watch, insists that if the timepiece were so constructed as to produce other similar watches, after a manner of %@=43AA=@=4=B/<G generation in animals, the argument from design would be all the stronger. /@D/@2*<7D3@A7BG giving What is to hinder… [us] from Paley’s argument a further a fortiori Darwin’A:3/27<5 case of a extension to the supposed watch which sometimes produces better AC>>=@B3@7<B63*( watches. And contrivances adapted to successive conditions. And so, at length, 3D=B32:G@3:757=CAa town turns out a chronometer..[or] clock“? E=@932B=@31=<17:3 /@E7<7A;/<26@7AB7/<7BG Had an extended debate E7B6/@E7</0=CB</BC@/: A3:31B7=</<223A75< 20 “You are a hybrid. A complex cross of Lawyer, Poet, Naturalist, and Theologian! Was there ever such a monster seen before? .. Your metaphors and similes… make me envious…. I should like to steal a few…”       “ ” from within Christian Christians to embrace Darwin’s 21 I  <5:71/<1:3@5G;/< 67AB=@7/<E@7B3@ </BC@/:7AB I  ;>=@B/<B3/@:G “1=<D3@B” from within Christian 1=;;C<7BG   Christians to embrace Darwin’s “ I have gradually learnt to see that it is just as noble a conception of Deity, to believe that he created primal forms capable of development into all forms needful pro tempore &...
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