Lecture Notes 10

B88580 4 whether we have a 94b revolution i i i i was

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Unformatted text preview: ars ago…nor more than 400,000,000 years ago…” the time he assumed was 34 Henry Henry Fleeming Jenkin, 1833-1885   ’s       ’s doubts about the Darwin’ is often seen as one of Origin 35 Henry Fleeming Jenkin, 1833-1885 I  <57<33@[email protected]<2   1=::3/5C3=4 3:D7<’s ’s I  <D=:D327<:/G7<5=4   B:/<B711/0:3 I  ([email protected] 3:D7<’s   ’s @3:757=CA:G;=B7D/B32 ddoubtsabout the oubts about the Darwin Darwin’’A1:/7;A I  < >C0:7A632E6/B   is often seen as one of is often seen as one of B63;=AB>[email protected]: Origin 36 Darwin’s critics: points to notice I  3E23<732[email protected]<’A@756BB=/2D/<1367A[email protected]=< I  None used a “:7B3@/:7AB71” interpretation of Genesis I  "=AB/113>B32/113>BA=;34=@;=4B63>@7<17>:3=4 036/:4=4/<3E:GA3:41=<O23<BA173<13 as a reason for rejecting Darwin’A1:/7;A 23A13<BE7B6;=27O1/B7=<0CB@3831B32[email protected]<’s 27AB7<1B7D3/11=C<B=46=E7B6/26/>>3<32 I  "/<G4=1CA32=<B63/>>3/@/<13=4[email protected]@:7<3AA=@ “design”7<<[email protected]B6/BB63G1:/7;32E/A<=B 3F>:/7<320G[email protected]<’A[email protected] 37 Supporters versus critics: take #1 Supporters Critics 38 Supporters versus critics: take #1 Emerging consensus: Supporters   Species evolve in an orderly way over geological time   This process is amenable to - Older forms of natural theology, at least, are dead 39 Critics Questions: If there was so much consensus, why ;%78,)6)7319',@3*8)2E)6')@ dispute? Beyond th...
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