Lecture Notes 10

I believe he has not even made the best conjecture

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Unformatted text preview: pro loco, as to believe that He required a fresh act of intervention to supply the lacunas wh. He himself had made. I question whether the former be not the loftier thought” 22 Darwin’s supporters: points to notice I ::[email protected][email protected]<’A@756BB=/2D/<1367A[email protected]=< I $<:G==93@/<2 7<5A:3G/;=<5=C@A7F/113>B32 I )63[email protected]/113>B3223A13<BE7B6;=27O1/B7=<0CB I "/<G3D3</;=<5[email protected]<’A1:=A3AC>>[email protected]@A3<:7AB32 036/:4=4/<3E:GA3:41=<O23<BA173<13 Darwin’A0/A71>@=>=A/:E7B6=CB[email protected]=CA?C/:7O1/B7=< /22327;>[email protected]/<B1/D3/BA35/0=CB</BC@/:A3:31B7=< 67;7<B63[email protected]=4“:[email protected]@”>67:=A=>671/:@3:757=CA A=17/:1/CA3A 23 Darwin’s critics I Louis Agassiz I Richard Owen I (/;C3:,7:[email protected][email protected] I (B[email protected]/19A=<"[email protected] I ,7::7/;)6=;A=<[email protected] 3:D7< I 3<@G:33;7<53<97< 24 Louis Agassiz, 1807-1873 I %@=43AA=@=4#/BC@/: [email protected][email protected][email protected] *<[email protected] I Darwin’A:3/27<5[email protected]7<  B63*( I 3:2=CB4=@A>3173A 037<5[email protected]</::G27AB7<1B :=<5/4B3@;=AB=B63@ *(</BC@/:7ABA6/2 shifted to an 3D=:CB7=<[email protected]D73E 25 Louis Agassiz, 1807-1873       “Agassiz—when I saw him last, had read but a part of [the Origin]. He says it is poor—very poor!! (entre nous). The fact is he growls over it, like a well cudgelled Darwin’ much annoyed dog,—is very by it—to our great delight— and I do not wonder at it.” shifted to an “The world has arisen in some way or another. How it originated is the great question, and Darwin’s theory, like all other attempts to explain the origin of life, is thus far merely conjectural. I believe he has not even made the best conjecture possible in the present state of our knowledge.” 26 Richard Owen, 1804-1892 I  ;7<3<B1=;>/@/B7D3 /</B=;7AB4=C<23@=4B63 #/BC@/:[email protected]"CA3C; London I  @16[email protected]=4[email protected]<’A E6=<=<3B63:3AA/113>B32 /0@=/2:GB@/<A4=@;7AB D73E=4B63[email protected]=4:743 I  /2/6756>@=O:3@C<7< E7B6CF:3G=<B63 /</B=;71/:[email protected]<13A between humans and apes 27 Richard Owen, 1804-1892 I  ;7<3<B1=;>/@/B7D3 /</B=;7AB4=C<23@=4B63 #/BC@/:[email protected]"CA3C; London I  @16[email protected]=4[email protected]<’A E6=<=<3B63:3AA/113>B32 /0@=/2:GB@/<A4=@;7AB D73E=4B63[email protected]=4:743...
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