Lecture Notes 11

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Unformatted text preview: ortant exponent of their views in the U.S. 37 Spencer’s disciple �“The as �“ this the right can that there exists limit in is that all the the be call material call are this ” these it ...Are the the began as sentiments as ” 38 '0220(38(/(3$;34,8  J  J  J  J  American sociologist, professor at Yale !=ND4=C80;C40274A writer 40E8;H8=ND4=2431H Spencer != 1420<4C74MABC person in the Englishspeaking world to teach a course on “Sociology” 39 Sumner as a “$5*0(2(8=0409:” J  J  J  Individuals struggle for existence in society “ !/2+(/!&+1%" $211"/&0'2014%"/"%" 1,1%"91+"00+! 1"+!"+ 6,#1%&+$0 12/"%00"12-,+%&* 1%"-/, "00,#!" )&+" +!!&00,)21&,+64%& % 0%"/"*,3"01%&+$04%& %  %3"02/3&3"!1%"&/ 20"#2)+"00” The superior reap rewards, the inferior suffer Efforts to mitigate the struggle for existence lead to societal regression 40 J  J  4+8,=(84,.0,  Scottish-American industrialist (1"")), who became the richest man in the world Work of Darwin and – especially – Spencer was decisive in his move to accepting what he came C>34M=40BC74 responsibilities of great wealth 41 (84,.0,8,(+$6,4*,8(4+/(+( *54<,89054,>6,80,4*, /"*"*"/1%1)&$%1 *"...
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