Lecture Notes 11

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Unformatted text preview: uot;1%" &)2/&+"-, %4"*6#"") "/1&+1%11%",/!&+/6 02 "00&,+6$"+"/1&,+%0+"3"/,+ """+/,("+ +!1%1+, 1 )60*%0!"0,)1"!1%"4%,)"4,/)! "+ "4"*6),,(4&1%0,*" ,+9!"+ "1,0" 2/" #212/",#".2))6&+--/" &)")"+$1% +!0+12/) 0")" 1&,+4,/(00,)")66+!#,/1%"$,,!,#" % "&+$)) ,/-,/")+!*"+1)"+!,4*"+104&))1"+! 1,-/,$/"001,4/!0perfection.” Darwin, /&$&+,#-" &"0, penultimate paragraph 33 ;:=/(:104+5-685.8,9909:/09 “%3"/" "&3"!&++ %"01"/ +"40--"//1%"/$,,!0.2& 0%,4&+$1%1%3"-/,3"!*&$%1&0  /&$%1+!1%"/"#,/"1%1-,)",+ &0/&$%1+!"3"/6 %"1&+$ 1/!"0*+&0)0,/&$%1” Darwin, Letter to W.B. Carpenter, 1860 34 “$5*0(2(8=04093”: What’s in a phrase? J  A widely used and almost exclusively pejorative term for attempts to apply ideas of struggle and “survival >5C74MCC4BC” to justify particular ideologies in the late-19th century J   Ironically, the term is most closely associated with Darwin but arguably owes most to Spencer J   Core idea: struggle is a virtuous process in which “MCC4A” individuals (or groups) survive at the expense of “;4BBMC” ones 35 J  J  J  J  “$5*0(2(8=04093”*53,9:5:/, U.S. Darwin and Spencer were both lionized in the United States in the years after the Civil War. Many American writers and business leaders developed forms of “social Darwinism”, usually under C748=ND4=24>51>C7<4= #4HM6DA4B5A><F>A;3>5;4CC4AB8=2;D34 –  John Fiske, William Graham Sumner #4HM6DA4B5A><F>A;3>51DB8=4BB8=2;D34B><4>5 the leading so-called “robber barons” –  Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller 36 5/4091,  J  J  American philosopher & historian; lecturer, Librarian & overseer at Harvard Study of history led him to Darwin and Spencer; he became an imp...
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