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Goddard 1866 1957 american psychologist director

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Unformatted text preview: Museum of Natural History; State Dept mailed invitations round the world the discouragement of large families in the "illendowed", and the encouragement of large families in the "well-endowed” 3rd, New York, 1932 20 New York, 1921 21 Good heredity for the sake of “health” 22 Henry H. Goddard, 1866-1957   American psychologist   Director, Training School for Feeble-Minded Boys and Girls, Vineland, New Jersey   Wrote, The Kallikak Family: A Study in the Heredity of Feeblemindedness, 1912   Leading advocate of use of IQ testing to identify feeble-minded 23 The “Kallikaks”: Goddard traced the family lineages of feeble-mindedness back across time 24 Mental testing on Ellis Island, 1913 �   Use of “moron detectors”   80% of immigrants were found to be “feebleminded”   The deportation rate increased 25 Use of IQ tests by US Ar my   1918 IQ tests   US Army adopted their use with nonEnglish speaking or illiterate recruits   “Complete the picture”   40% found were found to be “feebleminded” 26 A landmark case: Buck vs Bell   1924, Commonwealth of Virginia authorized compulsory sterilization of mentally retarded   Virginia State Colony of Epileptics moved to have 18year-old Carrie Buck...
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