Lecture Notes 7

19 would it be too bold increasingly in england in the

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Unformatted text preview: ine that, in the great length of time since the earth began to exist, perhaps millions of ages before the commencement of the history of mankind would it be too bold to imagine that all warm-blooded animals have arisen from one ,)6).'@,!-%.47()#(4(%'2%!4)234 !53%%.$5%$ with animality, with the power of acquiring new parts, attended with new propensities, directed by irritations, sensations, volitions and associations, and thus possessing the faculty of continuing to improve by its own inherent activity, and of delivering down these improvements by generation to its posterity, world without end!” 19 “ Would it be too bold…”? Increasingly, in England, in the period after the French Revolution, the answer to this question was… Yes! 20 Why? In England after 1800, transformist ideas became increasingly associated with   (revolutionary) France   English radicalism (atheism, secularism, republicanism)   Political radicalism 21 England in the 1830s & ‘40s   First industrial revolution is profoundly transforming all...
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