Lecture Notes 7

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Unformatted text preview: er   No naturalist, he was nonetheless plugged into the Edinburgh intellectual scene   He took elaborate pains to conceal his authorship, which was never leaked in his lifetime 33 Reviews: (1) The Examiner, 1844 “In this small and unpretending volume, we have found 3/-!.9'2%!42%35,43/&+./7,%$'%!.$2%A%#4)/. that we cannot too earnestly recommend it to the !44%.4)/./&4(/5'(4&5,-%. 4)34(%@234!44%-04 that has been made to connect the natural sciences into a history of creation. An attempt which 02%3500/3%$,%!2.).'%84%.3)6%!.$6!2)/53 "54./4 the large and liberal wisdom, the profound 0(),/3/0()#!,35''%34)/.4(%,/&4930)2)4/&"%.%@#%.#%  and the exquisite grace of manner which make up the charm of this extraordinary book.” 34 (2) The Edinburgh Review, 1845 A rambling, furious, scathing 85-page review, in which Adam Sedgwick threw pretty much everything he could lay his hands on at the anonymous author of Vestiges. </...
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