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Lecture Notes 7

38 taking stock again the situation in 1850

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Unformatted text preview: 7%$7)4(/54 tasting or trying, like so much horse-physic!! Gross credulity !.$2!.+)[email protected]$%,)49*/).%$).5.,!7&5,-!22)!'%!.$"2%%$).'! deformed progeny of unnatural conclusions!” Adam Sedgwick, Letter to Charles Lyell, 1845 36 Sedgwick, continued ”If the book be true, the labours of sober induction are in 6!). 2%,)')/.)3!,)% (5-!.,!7)3!-!33/&&/,,9!.$!"!3% ).*534)#% -/2!,)49)3-//.3().% /52labours for the black 0%/0,%/& &2)#!7%2%7/2+3/&-!$-%. !.$-!.!.$7/-!. are only better beasts!” Adam Sedgwick, Letter to Charles Lyell, 1845 37 Why was Sedgwick quite so angry?   Vestiges was incautious   Vestiges contained many errors   Vestiges put controversial ideas in front of the masses   Sedgwick was striving to hold science and religion together around a particular (catastrophist) compromise. He wanted to reassure the faithful that B67A1=;>@=;7A3E/AD/:720G037<5B63[email protected]B= denounce the Vestiges’ more radical, naturalistic synthesis   Maybe Sedgwick sensed that in the end his attempted reconciliation of science and religion could not hold back the rising tide of naturalistic theorizing? 38 Taking stock again: the situation in 1850 “Conservative” Opposition (“Mosaists”)   “Mosaists”, “Scriptural Geologists” and others who rejected evidence of an old earth subject to multiple transformations, in favor of strict a dherence to the Scriptures Mainstream Natural History...
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