Lecture Notes 7

44523 the belief that all natural phenomena

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Unformatted text preview: f life, subject to a variety of hypothetical “laws of development” A useful term “Naturalism” or =#)%.4)@#.!452!,)3->: –  the belief that all natural phenomena are explicable in terms of natural law; and that, consequently, there is no place for so-called “supernatural” explanations in science 4 The “Mosaists”   There was a reaction against mainstream natural history by some conservatives within the Christian community   The “Scriptural Geologists” held out against historical geology in favor of a strict adherence to the Biblical “6 days of creation” 5 Scriptural geology   Rodd, Thomas (Philobiblos), 1820, A Defence of the Veracity of Moses   Penn, Granville, 1822, A Comparative Estimate of the Mineral and Mosaical Geologies  Bugg, George, 1826, Scriptural Geology      Ure, Andrew, 1829, A New System of Geology   Brown, James Mellor, 1833, %A%#4)/.3/.%/,/'9  Nolan, Frederick, 1833. Analogy of Revelation and Science Established     Fairholme, George, 1833, General View of the Geology of Scripture, and 1837, The Mosaic Deluge    Cole, Henry, 1834, Popular Geology Subversive of Divine Revelation    Gisborne, Thomas, 1836, Considerations on the Modern Theory of Geology    Young, George, 1838, Scriptural Geology   Rhind, William, 1838, Age of the Earth, Considered Geologically and Historically   Cockburn, William, 1839, The Bible Defended Against the British Association, and, 1838, A Letter to Prof...
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