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A532343046 force use and disuse of characters

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Unformatted text preview: ng in natural philosophy & natural history   Developed most complete transformist theory of life in generation after Buffon 11 Lamarck’s theory of transformation Two primary forces drive transformation:   Le pouvoir de la vie (a complexifying force) –  </[email protected]/:;=D3;3<BA=4PC72A3B16=CB[email protected]/<A[email protected]=; tissues, leading to ever more complex construction regardless of the organ's use or disuse   ).A5%.#%$%3#)2#/.34!.#%3!.!$!04)6% force) –  use and disuse of characters leads organisms to become more adapted to their environment 12 Lamarck’s theory of transformation COMPLE X Humans Animals è è SIMPLE Plants = complexifying force Non-living world è = adaptive force 13 Lamarck’s reputation TODAY EARLY-19TH CENTURY   Known as an (un?) important “forerunner of Darwin”   Associated almost exclusively with the notion of “inheritance of acquired characteristics” (which, ironically, was a commonplace belief in Lamarck’s day)  Known as a leading...
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