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Among those suspected of being the author were

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Unformatted text preview: eat department of mundane things, rests in like manner on one law, and that is,— DEVELOPMENT. Nor may even these be after all twain, but only branches of one still more comprehensive law, the expression of that unity which man's wit can scarcely separate from Deity itself.” 29 The book’s popularity Edi on Date Copies 1 1844 750 2 1844 1000 3 1845 1500 4 1845 2000 5 1846 1500 6 1847 1000 7 1847 5000 8 1850 3000 9 1851 3000 10 1853 2500 11 1860 2500 12 1884 5000 30 Why was it so popular?   It “chimed with the times”, tapping into all sorts of fashionable (and controversial) ideas and issues   It was hugely ambitious, synthesizing “the latest” ideas across the sciences   It was extremely well-written, and easily accessible to any reasonably literate person   It was (increasingly) cheap and affordable   It was anonymous – and remained so for 40 years 31 Who wrote it? Among those suspected of being the author were:   Geologist Charles Lyell   Phrenologist George Combe   Politician Sir Richard Vyvyan   Prince Albert   Ada Lovelace 32 And who actually wrote it?   Robert Chambers, the well-known Edinburgh publish...
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