Lecture Notes 7

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Unformatted text preview: subjects". Lyell, letter to William Whewell, 1837 25 But then…. A scandalous book, published anonymously, blew the lid off this early-Victorian compromise… 26 “ Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation”, 1844   An anonymous work, published out of London   [email protected]:/B32/B[email protected]7< small numbers, it rapidly achieved cult status   Before long, everyone was reading it 27 What did Vestiges offer?   A comprehensive theory of origins, embracing: –  The nebular hypothesis –  *63[email protected]/>>3/@/<13=4:743 by “spontaneous generation” –  *63[email protected]/>>3/@/<13=4 plants & animals –  The origins of humankind –  The development of mind   All covered by a “universal law of development” 28 Vestiges’ main thesis “ Thus the whole is complete on one principle. The masses /&30!#%!2%&/2-%$"9,!7 ,!7-!+%34(%-).$5%4)-% 4(%!42%3/&%8)34%.#%&/20,!.43!.$!.)-!,3 3%.3!4)/. disposition, intellect, are all in like manner developed and sustained in action by law. It is most interesting to /"3%26%).4/(/73-!,,!@%,$4(%7(/,%/&4(%-934%2)%3 of nature thus ultimately resolve themselves. The inorganic (!3/.%@.!,#/-02%(%.3)6%,!7   (% organic, the other gr...
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