Lecture Notes 7

Lecture Notes 7

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Unformatted text preview: essor Buckland Concerning the Origin of the World 6 Scriptural geology: assessment   A heterogeneous group of writers reacting against the whole thrust of historical geology   Few of these men contributed directly to geological inquiry B6@=C563 5 O3:2[email protected];/7<:GB63G1=;;3<B32=<B63[email protected]=4 B63O3:253=:=57ABA    Mostly evangelical Anglicans, the Scriptural geologists nevertheless demonstrated little sense of common purpose  ::B=:2B63G6/2:7BB:37<PC3<133D3<E7B67<[email protected]/<[email protected]:3A   and within early-19th century geology their role was marginal at best   One historian’s assessment: "while it may be proper to speak of Scriptural Geology, it is not really accurate to speak of Scriptural Geologists.” (David Livingstone) 7 Dismissing Scriptural geology “Some have attempted to ascribe the formation of all the 342!4)@%$2/#+34/4(%%&&%#43/&4(%/3!)#%,5'% !./0).)/. which is irreconcilable with the enormous thickness and almost ).@.)4%35"$)6)3)/.3/&4(%3%342!4!!.$7)4(4(%.5-%2/53!.$ regular successions which they contain of the remains of animals and vegetables, differing more and more widely from existing 30%#)%3!34(%342!4!).7()#(7%@.$4(%-!2%0,!#%$!4 greater depths. The fa...
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