Lecture Notes 7

Time i imagine that most of those of my

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Unformatted text preview: to multiple transformations, in favor of strict a dherence to the Scriptures Mainstream Natural History A voice from the mainstream…   Mainstream naturalists, both “catastrophists” and “uniformitarians”, accepted an old earth subject to multiple transformations, but stopped short of attempting a naturalistic account of the appearance of new forms of life over the course of geological time “I imagine that most of those of my contemporaries who thought seriously about the matter, were very much in my own state of mind-inclined to say to both Mosaists and Evolutionists, "a plague on both your houses!" 41 “Radical” Opposition (“Evolutionists)   Evolutionists or transformists a dvocated a fully “naturalistic” account of the history of life, subject to a variety of hyp...
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