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Ownpastsuccessfailureexperiences 2 messagesfromothers

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Unformatted text preview: ive Learning • Self­Efficacy: The extent to which one believes they are capable of doing something successfully . • Principle: – People tend to engage in activities based on their sense of competence &/or past success • Increased probability of choosing specific future behavior • Affects Behavior & Cognition in 4 ways: – Activity choice – Goal setting – Effort & persistence – Learning & achievement Social Cognitive Learning Social Cognitive Learning • Developing Self­Efficacy: 4 factors 1. Own past success/failure experiences 2. “Messages” from others – Relationship to “other” – Support &/or interfere – Direct &/or implied 1. Observed past success/failure experiences of others 2. Group past success/failure experiences: Collective self­efficacy Social Cognitive Learning Social Cognitive Learning • Pr...
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