Wearable Technology and Cloud

Much has been made of google glass and a range of

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Unformatted text preview: ssible whenever users need it.” Much has been made of Google Glass and a range of other wearable, IP- connected devices that offer the potential to integrate with cloud based services, but Scoble’s comments raise an interesting question about what’s driving the adoption of wearable technologies, and what may drive adoption within enterprises. www.businesscloudnews.com/2013/06/06/will- wear able- ip- connected- technolog y- fuel- cloud- or - the- other - way- ar ound/ 1/4 10/26/13 Will wear able IP- connected technolog y fuel cloud – or the other way ar ound? | Business Cloud News No matter how poplar the adage “a happy employee is a productive employee” becomes, it’s unlikely that enterprises will adopt wearable technologies because they improve the lives of users. Speaking at the BYOX World forum in London Wednesday, Google Enterprise’s managing director of UK and Ireland Thomas Davies commented on Google Glass and where the true value is for companies looking to foray into wearable IPconnected devices: “You don’t just get value from connecting devices or machines, you get value from connecting data and business processes.” “Think about what these could do for things like machines monitoring health and safety, or turning things on and off – some of these are really mundane, but they can really improve the way that you are actually productive during the day,” Davies said. Davies touched on a really important point here. Despite the volumes of data created as a result of IP connected remote sensing, location based technologies and the like, it’s the applications that really matter. For example, an architect or building manager might find use in a hands- free display console that could project overlays onto a building in real time, indicating where power cabling or water piping is found. That being said, are we likely to see software as a service being delivered over Google Glass? It’s increasingly likely, and with the limited integration of...
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