Wearable Technology and Cloud

Perhaps its only a matter of time until third parties

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Unformatted text preview: Google applications in Google Glass, it’s already happening to some degree. Perhaps its only a matter of time until third parties get involved with their own cloud- based service offerings. When Rackspace first announced the results of the wearable technology study, the company asserted that wearable technologies like Google Glass will drive the rise of the cloud. But it’s worth considering Scoble’s statements on the cloud and wearable technologies going hand in hand, albeit not necessarily in the same way he implied, in combination with what’s been said here, and looking at the relationship between the two in the opposite direction: will wearable IP connected devices fuel cloud, or will cloud fuel uptake of these devices? Tags; BYOX World Forum, Centre for Creative and Social Technology, Cloud Services, Google, ovum, Rackspace, wearable technology, News & Analysis Post a comment Name Email Website Pos t y our c omment Th read ed co mmen tin g p o wered b y Sp ectacu .la co d e. Re late d Conte nt www.businesscloudnews.com/2013/06/06/will- wear able- ip- connected- technolog y- fuel- cloud- or - the- other - way- ar ound/ 2/4 10/26/13 Will wear able IP- connected technolog y fuel cloud – or the other way ar ound? | Business Cloud News Cloud growth means network traffic will triple by 2017 A study published this week by Cisco says that network traffic is going to triple to reach 7.7 zettabytes annually by 2017 and and that the bulk of that traffic will remain within the datacentre. Some believe the news highlights the need for better datacentre designs to support the growth of cloud services. Tags; Cisco, Cloud Services, datacentre design, datacentre failure, network traffic, Panduit, Datacentre, News & Analysis, Virtualisation Weather analytics s pe t s napped up in $1bn agriculture deal US agricultural giant and genetically modified seed developer Monsanto this week moved to acquire weather analytics spet The Climate Corporation for approximately $930m in cash. Climate Corp was founded in 2006 by a trio of ex- Google e...
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