Rackspace sells its OpenStack cloud to other service providers _ Datacenter Dynamics

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Unformatted text preview: rs.” Featu res Arch ive Videos Arch ive Advan ced Search Digital Edition s RSS Feeds Su bscribe Th e Rackspace offerin g is targetin g th e market with clou d tech n ology, in clu din g h ardware an d software in frastru ctu re, in frastru ctu re operation s in clu din g patch in g, tu n in g an d mon itorin g an d go-to-market su pport. En gates said it also open s u p th e clou d n etwork for n ew Open Stack u sers, allowin g service providers an d telcos to con n ect to oth er Rackspace clou d facilities arou n d th e world, wh ich can open u p n ew opportu n ities for geograph ical expan sion . He said Rackspace can also u se th ese oth er clou d en viron men ts to exten d its own offerin gs th rou gh arran ged partn ersh ips. “For a lon g time, sin ce I h ave been at Rackspace - for abou t 13 years - we h ave always h ad in terest from oth er people wan tin g to get in to th e h ostin g bu sin ess,” En gates said. “We h ave h ad a lot of compan ies approach u s askin g th em to h elp th em bu ild a clou d an d licen ce tech n ology an d for a wh ile, in th e clou d era, we h aven ’t been in a position to do th at, as we were always tryin g to bu ild ou r own clou d.” En gates said Rackspace n ow h as a set of stable processes an d a solid clou d it can u se to h elp oth ers bu ild its Open Stack-based clou d, wh ile takin g on fu ll day-to-day man agemen et for th ird-party clou d main ten an ce. “Th e u sers [of Rackspace’s Open Stack clou d] will still man age th eir data cen ter, th eir n etwork an d h ardware aspects, so we won ’t ph ysically n eed to be in th ose facilities, bu t we will man age th e stack, an d h elp th em to bu ild th eir bu sin ess model arou n d th is,” En gates said. Rackspace is cu rren tly talkin g with some telco providers abou t gettin g th e first project off th e grou n d, an d h e said wh ile th e offerin g does promise a mu ch faster roadmap for th e Clou d, differen t organ iz ation s will go th rou gh th e in stallmen...
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