Rackspace sells its OpenStack cloud to other service providers _ Datacenter Dynamics

Not all data cen ters will be con figu red in th e

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Unformatted text preview: t process at differen t speeds. “Not all data cen ters will be con figu red in th e first in stan ce to h ow exactly www.datacenter dynamics.com/focus/ar chive/2013/04/r ackspace- sells- its- openstack- cloud- other - ser vice- pr ovider s BLOGS view all How I Learn ed to Stop Worryin g an d Love Software…* by Ambrose McNevin on 13 Nov 20 13 17:0 5 GMT Read More... RELIABILITY AND TEMPERATURE: HOW BIG IS THE X-FACTOR? by Mark Mon roe on 13 Nov 20 13 12:34 GMT Read More... FEATURES view all Pacn et’s play for silver service Read More... 1/3 11/13/13 Rackspace sells its OpenStack cloud to other ser vice pr ovider s | Datacenter Dynamics wh at we n eed to do th is,” En gates said. “Bu t on ce th eprocess is down , we will get better at it every time.” Harn essin g Asia’s digital revolu tion Read More... He expects to see most in terest come from less matu re markets, su ch as Asia, wh ich is sh owin g a lot of in terest in Open Stack bu t is fu rth er beh in d th an th e US on clou d adoption . Wh o bu ys software defin ed? Read More... “Ch in a specifically will be a h ot area, alon g with some parts of Eu rope an d qu ite a n u mber of cou n tries in Sou th America,” En gates said. To ru n th e service, En gates said Rackspace is n ot creatin g an y n ew roles. “We will n ot h ave to pu t on a lot of tech n ical staff, as we are n ot rewritin g software or retoolin g an yth in g. It will be more abou t th e in tegration an d we can always tap in to th ird parties th at are already workin g with th ese cu stomers if we n eed to do more,” En gates said. As far as competition goes, En gates said Rackspace is bein g carefu l n ot to work with compan ies it already competes with today. “We don ’t h ave plan s to go in to every cou n try or con tin en t. Even at ou r best, th e biggest service providers ou t th ere today are in ju st a h an dfu l of location s arou n d th e world, bu t th ere is still a lot of deman d in man y cou n tries wh ere clou d is u n available,” En gates said. RECOMMENDED LINKS Rackspace bu ys Exception al Clou d Services Rackspace acqu ires Database-as-a-Service provider ObjectRocket Th e Open Stack...
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