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Until even s ix m onths ago the accepted wis dom s

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Unformatted text preview: il even s ix m onths ago the accepted wis dom s ugges ted that the right m odel for cloud com puting revolved around providing m any s m all s ervers acros s which workloads could be s pread,” he s aid, “but this has proved to not be the cas e.” It would appear that Big Data, and all that is as s ociated with it, is having a s ignificant effect on how s ervices get us ed. “Over the las t s ix m onths or s o we have s een a s hift am ongs t us ers towards having dedicated s ervers rather cloudser vices- wor 30167 1/4 11/13/13 Cloud Ser vices Wor ld : that s haring res ources . This is becaus e of the growing s ize of the datas ets they are us ing. They are finding a need to `own’ all of the available m em ory and, in particular, all of the available I/O. In addition, us ers are looking for new ways to get higher perform ance, and Solid State Drives help here. They allow us ers , and in particular thos e running trading s ervices over the web s uch as retailers , to provide large and very high s peed cache s torage, which can s ervice a cus tom er enquiry m uch fas ter. ” Known as Perform ance Cloud Servers , the new equipm ent is des igned with 100 percent data centre-grade, RAID 10-protected Solid-State Dis ks (SSDs ),Intel Xeon E5 proces s ors , up to 120 Gigabytes of RAM, and 40 Gigabits /s ec network bandwidth to the hos t. Com pared to the com pany’s exis ting cloud s ervers the perform ance enhancem ents include four tim es m ore total RAM available, twice the total CPU perform ance, over eight tim es the network bandwidth and a s ignificant 132 tim es m ore total dis k I/O capacity. That, according to Beighton, is the one perform ance m arker that m any us ers are now looking for. In addition, the new Perform ance Cloud Servers ’ high throughput network has been s pecifically des igned to work with Cloud Block Storage, delivering up to one and a half tim es m ore dis k I/O perform ance for Standard volum es and two and half tim es m ore dis k I/O perform ance for...
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