Biology 201 Spring 2013 Todd Hennessey – Notes on Cells


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Unformatted text preview: of energy In humans: glucose is released by the liver into the blood where it circulates through the body delivering chemical energy to all the cells. One in the cell, glucose is disassembled in such a way that its energy content can be stored in a readily available form that is later put to use in running all of the cells crazy energy=­ requiring activities. Cells expend an enormous amount of energy simply breaking down and rebuilding the macromolecules and organelles of which that are made. This continual turnover—maintains the integrity of cell components in the face of inevitable wear and tear and enables the cell to respond rapidly to changing conditions. Cells carry out a variety of Chemical Reactions Cells function like miniaturized chemical plants No matter how small or simple the bacterial cell is, it is capable of hundreds of different transformations. The sum total of the chemical reactions in a cell represents that cells metabolism. Cells Engage in Mechanical Activities Cells are sites of bustling activity The types of activities are bas...
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